Leave it to me!

During Chris' campaign in Resident Evil 6, Finn is tasked with attending to the injured during the battle on the bridge in Edonia. Is there anything this guy can't do?

As Finn retrieves one of their comrades it's up to Chris to cover him until he makes it off the bridge in a great show of "no man left behind".

Finn also needs to climb a ladder in full gear to meet up with Chris, so he's definitely no slouch in the strength department either. He looks like he could be hauling 100kg of stuff, or at least it's enough for Chris to have a jab at him for falling behind. It must be fun in Alpha team.

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  • I thought the same thing when playing through that part of the game. That looks like a really heavy bag. He can definitely carry his own weight around
  • s3v3nthsign Dec 04 2015