Concept Teaser (Introduction)

You've probably already seen the teaser that was released alongside the Revelations 2 announcement a while back, but there's a new longer version available now!

> Resident Evil Revelations 2 Concept Teaser

The video's packed with all sorts of RE-related symbolism and homages, and is a pretty good yard-stick for how much of a fan you are. Go and see if you can figure out all of the secrets!

We're looking forward to see if you catch every last one...

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  • the name of the case of napkins use a reference of jill valentine the real hero of resident evil clasic series
  • NEMESIS28 Sep 26 2014
  • The Clocks that are shown may reference the release date of RE:Revelations. 2/7
  • player0660490 Sep 26 2014
  • This comment contains spoilers and has been hidden
  • LeonKennedy Sep 23 2014
  • moira discute con barry a mitad del video
  • Ce Hache Tres Sep 20 2014