Everyone's waiting

In Resident Evil 6, Piers finally catches up with his drunken Chris in a bar in Eastern Europe.
Given the sorry state of his ex-captain after 6 months of searching, Piers is unable to hide his disappointment.

Even so, he manages to half-convince, half-force Chris to come back, telling him that everyone's waiting for him.

You still have a role to play Chris (even if it is on the battlefield), that's got to mean something (even if you might not have wanted to at first!).

It's interesting to note how a lot of the customers at that bar seem to be form the BSAA, it's almost like stepping into a reality show.

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  • I read the chronocolgy and I read what happend to his team before he lost his memory , I like the fact that there is secrets within the story for those who care about the lore ^_^
  • chris__redfield May 21 2016
  • Uh, those BSAA members were in the bar to take Chris back were he belonged. They were all part of his unit. And no, it's not like a reality show.
  • Nitephall May 15 2016