A disturbing sack

At the start of Resident Evil 5, Chris finds himself in the African self-governing region of Kijuju.

As he and Sheva make their way to a butcher where they plan to meet another team member, they come across a group of men kicking and punching a dirty sack on the side of the road.
The sack moves ominously, what could be inside?

Actually I think I'd rather not know...

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  • I always thought there was a man in that bag.
    Right before that sequence, if you walk behind a building on the right-hand side, there is a
    man being dragged to the front of the building. I always assumed it was him in the white
  • Farronhart Aug 08 2016
  • i think one of the infected that they captured and they are killing it by brutal means. which including blunt weapons and kicking the sack.
  • Zombie_Slayer Jul 09 2016
  • Maybe is the mysterious white bag from RE4 ;)
  • mpinogar Jul 06 2016
  • Maybe a person, third world countries have some brutal practices for punishing criminals. Or maybe it's a J'avo or bio freak they've captured?
  • Deanpool Jul 06 2016
  • Maybe is a reference to Audition, I don't know -.-.
  • carcoss Jul 05 2016