Where's this scene from?

These Majini look pretty angry.

Do you think you might have seen this scene before?

You'll actually be shown this if you meet certain conditions in the marketplace.

A lot of you will already know this so I won't be posting how, and anyway it's fun to find these things out while playing right?

Maybe you're so good at the game by now that it's very unlikely the scene will ever play. Head to the marketplace if you want to find out!

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  • This is the death scene of when the Majini kill you in the marketplace of the first chapter. I have seen it many times in all my Proffesional playthroughs on all platforms. Ah... Good times... Good times....
  • KorinTariko Aug 10 2016
  • I finished RE5 many times, but I always seem to get this death scene when I start playing after a long time! A very challenging first battle indeed!
  • andreiagmu Aug 06 2016
  • This comment contains spoilers and has been hidden
  • ChubbyCactus Aug 02 2016