The Executioner Majini part 1

Just when you think you can just about handle the large number of Majini while fighting among the market shacks, the formidable Executioner Majini steps in to dash all of your hopes. His slow pace only serves to increase his evil aura as he closes in on Chris and Sheva.

More so than his height, I was intrigued by the numerous spikes that protrude form his upper body...those don't look like acupuncture needles.
Also while he already looks menacing enough on his own, the fact that his axe swings can take out neighboring Majini only serves to make him appear even more fearsome. While it felt a bit strange at first having such a strong enemy so early in the game, I remembered how Resident Evil 4 throws a chainsaw-wielding maniac at you not minutes into the game.

Great, so now what are we going to do?

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