A cry for help

Chris and Sheva make it out of the marketplace in one piece thanks to Kirk's timely intervention, but they soon come across a woman screaming in distress.

"Help! Somebody help me!"

She can't yet have turned into a Majini if she's still able to consciously cry for help. There's no use standing by, might as well see what we can do.

Chris, Sheva, let's go!

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  • I always thought this was kind of sad. Such a beautiful young woman, obviously not a native of Africa but probably on a trip or vacation of some sort, and she falls prey to Majinis. Capcom should have made it so that if the player responded in a timely enough manner they could save her. I know she will appear in the first Mercenaries stage if you are playing very well. I think you have to hit a minimum combo number.
  • Nitephall Sep 05 2016