Uncannily quick

Right after the opening sequence in Resident Evil 4, Leon heads to a hut to try and speak to one of the locals.

As the villager only seems to speak Spanish and doesn't seem particularly friendly, Leon decides to leave, but the villager picks up a weapon and attacks him without hesitation and with incredible speed.

I actually only learned recently that his words roughly translate to "What the hell are you doing here! Get out!". Definitely not a friendly guy.

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  • I always new what they were saying. Speaking Spanish as a equal language with me always helped. The biggest one was when they said "De tras de ti imbesile". Meaning "Behind you idiot".
  • Blue 100612 Sep 10 2016
  • Oh wow,i never knew about that and i have played the game 6-7 times on PS2 xD
    This is my favourite word of the day
    games were so good back then...
  • Nightmare Sep 07 2016
  • I think it's funny when the Ganados constantly mutter "mierda." It means "shit" in Spanish.
  • Nitephall Sep 05 2016