The Woman in the Red Dress

Resident Evil 4 has an extra mode called Separate Ways that can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements.
It wasn't present in the original release, and can be considered as a sort of "Ada campaign" as it tells the story from her point of view.

Ada is under orders by Wesker to infiltrate the village, where she unexpectedly bumps into Leon.
Unable to turn a blind eye to Leon's difficulties, she begins to intervene on his behalf as only she knows how.

If you're looking to experience RE4 in a different light make sure you give it a (hook)shot!

What I wouldn't give for a hookshot...(and for a grip strong enough to use it).

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  • That hookshot pulls Ada up so strongly I've always wondered how it doesn't dislocate her shoulder.
  • Nitephall Nov 05 2016