Kevin, the optimist

Over the next few articles we'll be going over the Resident Evil Outbreak characters, a game that covers the start of Raccoon City's demise from the point of view of a group of regular citizens.

With his outstanding athleticism and marksmanship, R.P.D. officer Kevin certainly stands out. In spite of his optimism he failed to be selected for S.T.A.R.S. duty twice.

He's quite easy to handle in the game and was no doubt the go-to character for plenty of players, and his kickback/shoot combo is a staple that saved me countless times.

I always wonder how Brad made it to S.T.A.R.S. but Kevin didn't, maybe he would have been too much pressure for Chris...

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  • 運営チーム Dec 27 2016
  • Thanks for ADD RE:Outbreak, my favorite spinoff of the RE-SAGA. I love to play this games cause her level of dificulty. My objetive always was to rescue the 4 partners in the story.
    I am happy that Alyssa will be cited in RE7.
  • Dan Ekkusu Dec 17 2016
  • thanks added an article about Resident Evil Outbreak, keep add article about Resident Evil Outbreak in Resident evil Recollections, and dont forget to add other canon Resident Evil Spin-off story like Resident Evil Marhawa Desire (Comic) because is Important Canon Story in Resident Evil.
    From Indonesia Resident Evil Big Fans, KamenRideDCD :)
  • KamenRideDCD Dec 13 2016