Yoko's useful knapsack

Yoko is a computer geek and claims to be a university student, which to me sounds just as suspicious in the game as it would in the real world.
While she is a calm and reserved character in Resident Evil Outbreak, there's something about her that makes her hard to trust.

Compared to other characters she is somewhat weaker in health, and slower, which might make you hesitant to pick her, but she balances it out with her Knapsack which allows her to carry twice the items compared to others. This makes her somewhat of a walking item box considering you can usually only carry 4 items (aside from each character's personal item).
This extra capacity also makes other players more willing to protect Yoko.

Her Escape ability allows her to crawl back out of danger, and is especially useful in situations where she is surrounded.

As you progress through the game you'll learn more about her past and who she really is, you can find out more by playing!

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