I'll be on standby up above!

This is Brad's excuse for chickening out during the Resident Evil intro movie. Come to think of it, Brad might have ruined a certain puppet master's plans had he not been a complete coward and provided immediate backup. Was this character flaw taken advantage of too I wonder?

How Brad was chosen to join the super-elite S.T.A.R.S. must have been a complete mystery from the other members' perspective, much like how Wesker was chosen over Enrico as captain...

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  • Maybe Brad Vickers was told to do exactly what he did: not leaving the chopper and overfly the area. Anyway, these are mere conjectures, as the scripwriters never mentioned that on any game!
  • Bermeix Sep 10 2016
  • Good ol' chickenheart Vickers. He gets his in the end. But in his defense, he did pick up the surviving members at the end of the mansion incident.
  • Nitephall Dec 05 2014