Only 19 and she already owns 2 bikes!

While Claire's love for bikes is pretty common knowledge, did you know that she actually owned 2?
One was the bike she rode into Raccoon City at the start of Resident Evil 2, but what about the other?
You can see the other bike on the ranking screen at the end of Claire's scenario, keep it in mind next time you play!

It's impressive she managed to own two at 19, some people twice her age can't even make that kind of dream come true!

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  • Or, a far more likely explanation is that the artist who composed the artwork for her final ranking screen paid no attention whatsoever to how the bike looked that she rode in the game. Lack of communication there, like when animators have characters pressing buttons in a vehicle that were not put in by the team who designed the vehicle (RE 6).
  • Nitephall May 15 2016
  • Maybe Chris gave her one of them. Maybe she found one of then abandoned in Raccoon City. I hope there's a bike racing scenario in REVELATIONS 2.
  • Nitephall Dec 05 2014