Why the change of outfit?

Claire's memorable outfit from Resident Evil Code: Veronica features a red vest with a Valkyrie. She gave her other vest to Sherry in Resident Evil 2, so that might be one reason.

In Resident Evil Revelations 2 Claire is all grown up now, so her outfit has of course changed again.
To celebrate her return we've prepared a special chronology featuring Claire's most important events in the series, go take a look!

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  • It's about time Claire got a decent outfit. Of all the RE characters I've always thought she was dressed the dorkiest (except for maybe Alfred when he thinks he's Alexia). Shorts over knee-length spandex? A biker girl who doesn't show any cleavage? Come on. In the gameplay vids for REV 2 it looks like she is dressed just as conservatively, but at least it's not her dorky oufits from RE 2 and CV.
  • Nitephall Dec 05 2014
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  • player0950128 Dec 04 2014