Chris and Wesker team up

The connection between Chris and Wesker throughout the series is perhaps too complicated to be described as mere fate.

In Resident Evil the pair team up to take on Lisa Trevor, an unmissable scene for any true fan!

Chris unquestioningly follows his captain's orders when Wesker tells him to "Take a piece of the action". It's almost a shame how things turn out considering how well the two work together...

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  • Chris and Wesker are no doubt foils of one another. In other words, they are exact opposites character-wise, yet they both share the same passion and determination when it comes to getting the job done. One of THE best scenes in the entire RE series is in RE 5, when Chris, right before injecting Wesker with more PG67AW, yells at him, "I've had enough of your BULLSHIT!" I was so right there with Chris at that time.
  • Nitephall Jan 08 2015