[Raid Mode 11] Gestures

You can set up to 6 gestures using the mannequin in Raid Mode's Vestibule, which can be very useful when playing in Co-Op.

There are a variety of gestures you can set, from the usual "Go", "Stop", and "Thanks", to some rather less orthodox ones if you're the type of player who prefers to make a scene rather than communicate with your partner; the choice is up to you!

Incidentally, if you have the "Gesticulating" skill, your gestures can actually deal damage! There's nothing like a bit of comedy relief to break the ice...

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  • My go to gesture is where they throw their hands in the air and form an x. Lol I think it's called no means no
  • s3v3nthsign Dec 04 2015
  • I tried the Gesticulating skill. Nothing happened. Apparently, only certain gestures do damage, but the game doesn't bother to tell us which ones.
  • Nitephall Oct 13 2015