Tower Emblems

Resident Evil Revelations has a great horror-filled story in the Campaign mode with all kinds of puzzles to solve, but it also has a large number of collectibles such as the Tower Emblems.

Tower Emblems are hidden about the episodes, and can be destroyed with a bullet or well-aimed knife slash. They're pretty hard to find but they do unlock some pretty cool stuff for the game so it's well worth the effort to sniff them out.

They're hidden so well in fact I didn't even notice a single one on my first playthrough...

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  • I only found one, Found almost all of them in RE6 tho
  • JDK319 May 07 2016
  • The emblems are VERY hard to find, and those little bugs that Natalia is supposedly meant to be catching--I haven't seen a single one yet, and I've almost finished my second playthrough! What's up with that?
  • Nitephall Oct 10 2015
  • Definitely a lot harder to find than in RE6.
  • Matroska Jul 14 2015