Krauser, one side of the same coin

Knife spinning, roundhousing Krauser is the yin to Leon's yang and constantly gets in his way during Resident Evil 4. He might be the bad guy, but he was one of my favorite characters in the Mercenaries extra mode unlocked after finishing the game (his left-hand special attack is vicious!).

Although he seems to grandstand a lot in RE4, his background story can be seen in "The Darkside Chronicles". Witnessing his arm wound and the way his thoughts change with his interior monologue made me appreciate his character a lot more, although still not altogether sympathetic to his cause.

The knife fight when Krauser drops the "we're merely different sides of the same coin" line is really something...

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  • I also loved the knife fight with Jack. Edge of yer seat stuff. Brilliant.
  • elm111 Apr 29 2015