Jake the family genius

Jake can boast of incredible combat skills, with which he has survived multiple battles. He might have a somewhat cynical nature at times, but he seems to have a soft spot for Sherry and is willing to risk his life - something that his father Wesker would have probably never even contemplated.

And while he might not like to show it often, he's also extremely intelligent.

One example is how he's able to learn Chinese simply by listening the Neo Umbrella guards during his imprisonment.
Since I'm trying to learn some foreign languages myself it's kind of inspiring in a way...

Perhaps if he hadn't led the reckless life of a mercenary he might have put his head to better use...then again, that might have made him dangerously close in character to his own father...

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  • He learns to speak Cantonese and read Traditional Chinese as Langshiang is based on Hong Kong.
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