Supporting agents from behind the scenes

Every agent needs backup, and for Leon who's always on the front line, that person is Hunnigan, who is not only an extremely talented data expert, but a hacker to boot.

Hunnigan is highly respected by Leon and the other agents, not to mention her own superiors who will often turn a blind eye if she exceeds her authority.

From organizing his route to making preparations for the trip to China, Hunnigan is the reason that Leon is always on the ball.

I've been sent abroad myself, and it was the amazing attention to detail from the people that organized my trip that allowed me to do my job without a hitch.

Well the plane was delayed, which got us into a bit of a not tell them that.

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  • It's kind of wierd that Leon always calls her by her last name. You would think they would be on a first-name basis by now.
  • Nitephall Sep 18 2016