Ashley the Stuntwoman

Ashley performs a number of stunts during her escape with Leon from the Los Illuminados complex in Resident Evil 4, such as jumping down ladders and into dumpsters.

During her adventures she's assaulted, suffers risqué jabs from a couple of hunks, and is tied up with some weird contraption among other things, most of which she certainly never experienced in her quiet college life. All of these trials accelerate her character development to dizzying heights, and it's pretty safe to say she's a long way from the timid girl she started off as by the end of the game.

Perhaps her most surprising talent is moving heavy machinery, I guess Americans really know their motors.

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  • I think it's funny how she says, "Leave it to me Leon." She's a young college girl, brought up in a pampered life, and I'm sure she doesn't know squat about driving a huge earthmover. But she just hopped right in that seat. I wonder if she's ever driven a tank . . .
  • Nitephall May 15 2016
  • At least she stepped up and drove that thing!
  • Nitephall May 23 2015
  • This comment contains spoilers and has been hidden
  • Spikeyroxas May 20 2015