Seven minutes is all I can spare

Throughout the series, Wesker is involved in a number of bioterror incidents around the world. In Resident Evil 5 he's able to pull off superhuman stunts like dodging bullets and catching rockets with his bare hands.

Establishing a new world order is clearly a bit of a time sink for Wesker, so much so that he can only take exactly 7 minutes from his busy schedule to toy with Chris, which probably made Excella kind of jealous.

During the banter in the build up to the fight with Jill, I've always liked to believe that some of his lines like "So slow to catch on" are directed in contempt at the entire world, rather than just Chris alone.

If you want to know more about Wesker's evil plan for global saturation, go and play Resident Evil 5!

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  • That's *Excella , not Excelled.
  • DGYT Jun 23 2015