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Anyone familiar with Chris from the previous titles will have no doubt been surprised at his appearance at the start of RE6. Since when does Chris run from his responsibilities and need to be rebuked by younger team members?
Many of you might think that he needed a break, but we all know that simply isn't possible for someone of his caliber.

Although his impulsiveness may have finally got the better of him, his chance meetings with Piers and Leon really help him on the road to reclaiming his heroic self.
I'm particularly fond of the foreboding scene when Chris and Jake first meet, neither knowing the past of the other. It's fun seeing Piers getting all worked up too.

RE6 is also where Chris and Leon, who've been around since the very beginning of Resident Evil, finally meet one another. I still remember how I got goose bumps the first time I say their faceoff while chasing Carla!

Here's to a living legend, may he always prevail!

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  • Very well put S.T.A.R.S Veteran. I can't tell you how many times I just shake my head because of some plot element or storyline that just doesn't make sense. Capcom doesn't really think about the stuff they write. A lot of it's just sheer baloney. What they could do is have a professional, English speaking writer go over the script after they write it. He or she could point out to them all the stuff that doesn't make sense. This person could also correct the numerous gramatical errors in the game's files and dialogue.
  • Nitephall Sep 18 2016
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  • Nitephall May 10 2016