Jill the Veteran Hero

Jill has managed to survive multiple bioterror incidents over her illustrious career. In Resident Evil Revelations she joins the BSAA and is ordered to investigate the Queen Zenobia cruise liner with her partner Parker, in search of Chris who has gone missing.

Even the first scene seems pretty daunting for me, as they board the ship using a zip line, but I guess that's why they're the "original 11"!

Also, in the crew quarters near the beginning Jill fearlessly plunges her hand into a filthy drain to retrieve a gun, when all Parker can do is look on in disgust. In a way I kind of miss the naive Jill in Resident Evil when she first comes across the Cerberuses...

Check out Resident Evil Revelations if you want the full story on how Jill is caught up in a huge shadowy conspiracy with more twists than we care to admit!

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