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  • A Tricell unit retrieves the corpse of Curtis.
  • Senator Davies dies under mysterious circumstances.
  • Through their combined efforts, Leon, Angela and Claire are able to fend off Curtis, who has since transformed into a G life-form, and escape from the Air Dome. They arrest Downing as he attempts to conclude the sale of the G-Virus.
  • The Air Dome's automated sterilization program is activated. The research facility is also destroyed.
  • Downing destroys the Air Dome. Seriously wounded, Curtis injects himself with the G-Virus.
  • Curtis infiltrates the Air Dome, and obtains the G-Virus.
  • Claire discovers that the G-Virus is stored in WilPharma's Air Dome facility, and informs Leon.
  • The USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) identifies the virus used in the terror attack. The government attempts to administer the WilPharma-manufactured "T-Vaccine", but the cargo truck containing the vaccine is destroyed in another terror incident.
  • Glenn is infected by the virus, and dies.
  • The White House dispatches its agent Leon, who arrives in Harvardville. He assists SRT (a special unit of the local police force) members Angela Miller and Greg Glenn in searching for survivors.
  • Former Terrasave member Curtis Miller unleashes a bioterror attack on Harvardville airport, as planned by WilPharma's chief engineer Frederic Downing.
  • Terrasave member Claire lands at Harvardville airport.
  • Senator Ron Davies colludes with pharmaceutical giant WilPharma to help them to construct a research facility in Harvardville. A number of protests erupt after this decision.
Aug 2005
  • NGO Terrasave demands the release of the results of pharmaceutical giant WilPharma's clinical experiments in India.
Dec 1998
  • After the battle, Chris and Claire flee the Antarctic base. The base is destroyed.
  • Alexia awakens from her cryogenic sleep at the Antarctic laboratory. Alfred dies.
  • Claire sends an email for help to Leon after escaping from the prison. Chris is informed of Claire's location.
Oct 1998
  • Leon and Sherry are placed under US government protection. The US Intelligence Agency headhunts Leon for a position as a government agent.
  • Leon and Claire escape from Raccoon City, rescuing Birkin's daughter Sherry in the process. The US Army intervenes, declaring martial law.
  • The Raccoon Police department is overwhelmed, and the chief of police descends into madness. The mayor flees the city, abandoning his daughter.
  • Carried by rats, the virus leaks from the laboratory and causes a biohazard throughout Raccoon City. A number of cases of cannibalism are reported in urban areas. The events are covered by the media.