Albert Wesker

Resident Evil
S.T.A.R.S. Captain and Alpha team leader. A notorious perfectionist, Wesker's conduct is impeccable in any situation.
With his trademark dark sunglasses and cool demeanor, he appears somewhat standoffish. He wears a tactical vest over his uniform, and carries his customized Samurai Edge in his leg holster. He is almost as good a marksman as Chris Redfield.

Wesker's true assignment was to obtain combat data for Umbrella by using his team members as test subjects against the B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) in the Arklay mansion. Although Wesker appeared to have been killed by the Tyrant, he was resuscitated by the virus he had administered to himself earlier.

Height: 183cm. Weight: 84.5kg. Blood type: O. Age: 38 (as of 1998 / Resident Evil).

Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Working for a secretive organization, Wesker assaults Rockfort Island with a special task force to obtain Alexia Ashford's T-Veronica virus, plunging the island into disarray.
Having discovered that Alexia is at the Antarctic base, he heads to the base and obtains a sample of the virus. Openly exhibiting his newfound powers, he overwhelms Chris, who had come to the base to save Claire.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Wesker heads to Russia to retrieve the entirety of Umbrella's research data. The data was moved to Russia from Raccoon City by Umbrella manager Sergei Vladimir.
He leaks information on Umbrella's Russian division to Chris in order to create a diversion while he acquires the research data from Umbrella's U.M.F.-013 supercomputer, and personally puts an end to Umbrella.

Resident Evil 5
Wesker architects a number of B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon)-related events and virus thefts across the globe. He heads to Africa to usurp drug manufacturer Tricell and manipulate its manager Excella into assisting him with the Uroboros project.

With his genes essentially rewritten from the bottom up, Wesker boasts a number of superhuman abilities such as invulnerability, reflexes fast enough to dodge point blank bullets, and even the power to stop rocket projectiles with his bare hands.
In order to maintain stability however, he must regularly inject himself with a drug called PG67A/W.

Wesker sees himself as the successor to Spencer's designs to create a new breed of humans through the Progenitor Virus. In 2006 he is able to overpower both Chris and Jill at the Spencer Estate, and abducts Jill who had thrown herself down a cliff with Wesker to save Chris. In 2009 he attempts to execute the final stages of the Uroboros project. The project is thwarted however, and he is taken over by the Uroboros virus.

Height: 190cm. Weight: 90kg. Blood type: O. Age: 48 (as of 2009 / Resident Evil 5).