Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil 2
Middle name Scott. A young police officer of only 21, Leon took such an interest in the bizarre series of murders in and around Raccoon City that he personally requested to be assigned to the Raccoon Police Department following his graduation from police academy.
Leon's youth and ambition make him less timid than his lack of experience would suggest.

Leon managed to oversleep on his first day on duty, September 29. Aware that his conduct would already be put into question right at the start of his career, he pulled himself together, put on a brand new uniform, and headed to Raccoon City in his treasured jeep. His mistake would ironically come to save his life.

Height: 178cm Weight: 70.2kg Blood type:A. Age: 21 (as of 1998 / Resident Evil 2).

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Under special orders from the U.S. President, Leon infiltrates a South American country with US Special Operations member Krauser in search of a former Umbrella researcher.

The missing researcher had apparently been in contact with local drug baron Hidalgo before disappearing. Searching for traces of Hidalgo, Leon discovers that the area is already teeming with B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons), and is forced once again into a virus-fuelled conflict.

Resident Evil 4
Having a proven track record of survival skills, former Raccoon City police officer and survivor Leon was scouted by the U.S. government to work as a government operative.

In 2004, Leon is dispatched to Europe to search for and rescue the abducted daughter of the U.S. president. Eyewitness reports lead him to an isolated rural village, where he learns that a cult known as Los Illuminados are responsible for the kidnapping. Leon uncovers a plot by their leader Osmund Saddler to rule the world through the use of the Plaga parasite, which is able to control its host.

Height: 180cm Weight: unknown Blood type:A. Age: 27 (as of 2004 / Resident Evil 4).

Resident Evil Damnation
An agent working for a US government agency that operates under the direct authority of the President. Although on leave, Leon was ordered to infiltrate the Eastern Slav Republic and investigate the reports that B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) has appeared amongst the antigovernment forces. A rift opens between The Eastern Slav and US governments while he is being deployed however, and he is ordered to abort the mission. Determined to prevent the spread of the B.O.W.s however, he decides to ignore the order and remain in the country.

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Resident Evil 6
Leon, a former Raccoon City police officer and one of only a handful of survivors of the Raccoon Incident, is assigned to the DSO (Division of Security Operations), an agency under the direct authority of the President of the United States.

Due to his past experiences, Leon despises bioterror, and although he has a generally calm and collected demeanor, he is able to be more proactive when duty calls.
While his maturity as an agent has made him somewhat reserved, his tendency to crack jokes and strong sense of justice remain unchanged from his Raccoon City rookie cop era.
He was to attend an address at Tall Oaks university with President Benford to provide his testimony of the truth behind the events at Raccoon City, which the President had decided to finally reveal. A sudden bioterror attack pulled him back into the nightmare however, and once again he found himself trapped in a hellscape with no way out.

Height: 180cm Weight: 75kg Blood type:A. Age: 36 (as of 2013 / Resident Evil 6).