Jack Krauser

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Krauser is an exemplary U.S. Army special operative, and has participated in numerous operations. He is particularly known for his outstanding combat and weapons abilities.
In 2002, having heard information related to a rendezvous between Javier Hidalgo and a former Umbrella researcher, the US government dispatches Krauser and US agent Leon to the last known location. Although they are able to prevent a bioterror incident, Krauser injures his left arm in combat, and is discharged from the army when it fails to completely heal. He disappears without a trace, although he would later contact Wesker who he believed would help him regain his lost power.

Resident Evil 4
Under orders from Wesker, Krauser heads to Europe and infiltrates the Los Illuminados cult in order to obtain a sample of the control Plaga parasite. He kidnaps the President's daughter in 2004 in an attempt at ingratiating himself with the cult's leadership.
Although he is accepted into the upper echelons of the cult, he is still unable to access a Plaga sample, and reluctantly accepts Ada's assistance.
He later decides to accept the control Plaga himself in order to obtain superhuman powers. He faces off with Leon in the ruins of a remote island.

Height: unknown. Weight: unknown. Blood type: unknown. Age: Unknown (as of 2004 / Resident Evil 4).