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Excella Gionne

Resident Evil 5
Born into the renowned Gionne family of traders, who descend from the Travis family, one of the founding families of Tricell.

With her parentage and good looks she has a tendency to look down on others, although she did inherit her father's business sense, and she excelled in her education and majored in genetic engineering having skipped a number of grades. She was highly regarded by Tricell, and joined their pharmaceutical division at only 18 years old.
Using the T-Virus and Plaga information provided to her by Wesker, she extended her own influence within Tricell, and was promoted to the CEO of the African branch.
She later dedicated herself to Wesker's Uroboros Project by repurposing Umbrella's abandoned African laboratory, and contributing funds earned with the sale of B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons).

Height: 175.1cm. Weight: 55kg. Blood type: unknown. Age: 26 (as of 2009 / Resident Evil 5).