Ingrid Hunnigan

Resident Evil Damnation
Hunnigan works for a US government agency, and is responsible for forwarding orders to Leon over a PDA. It is Hunnigan that informs Leon he has been ordered to abort the mission the very moment he sets foot in the Eastern Slav Republic.

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Resident Evil 6
A highly skilled operator of the FOS (Field Operations Support). Hunnigan has been supporting agents for some time, and provided assistance to Leon during the abduction of the President's daughter years earlier.
33 years old, with a slightly dark complexion and noble features, Hunnigan is highly skilled in information processing and hacking, and is able to remain calm and clear-headed under pressure. Her ability to deliver concise, accurate information whatever the situation makes her one of Leon's most trusted friends. She has been known to exceed her authority at times, but only if she deems it necessary for providing information to an agent.

Height: unknown. Weight: unknown. Blood type: unknown. Age: 33 (as of 2013 / Resident Evil 6).