Support FAQ

Q.About Resident Evil Recollections

Resident Evil Recollections is a platform for browsing a comprehensive RE glossary and common timeline, and for sharing and posting articles related to the RE universe.

Q.How do I create or comment on articles?

Creating articles:

After logging in, click on "Create article" at the bottom right of the page.


Posting comments:

After logging in, click on "Post comment" on the article page.

(Please note that articles and comments cannot be edited once posted.)

(You must have a CAPCOM Account in order to post articles and comments.)

(Comments can only be posted to Official and User article pages.)


Q.Can I edit articles that have been posted?

No, articles cannot be changed once they have been posted.

Q.Can I delete articles or comments I have posted?

Please follow the instructions below after logging in:

Delete an article:

From your overview, reorder your articles by clicking on the "newest first" tab at the top of the page, then select the "Delete article" button next to the article you want to delete.


Delete a comment:

select the "Delete comment" button displayed at the bottom right of the comment you want to delete. You can only delete comments you have posted yourself.

(Deleted articles cannot be recovered later,  please keep this in mind when deleting an article.)


Q.How do I log in?

You can log in by selecting the "Login" button at the top right of the page. Once logged in, you can perform the following actions:

- Create articles

- Post comments

- Access your Overview

(where you can view your own articles and other articles you have added to your Folder)

(You must have a CAPCOM Account in order to log in.)


Q.How do I change my icon?

Open the side menu using the menu icon at the top left of the page, and select "User settings -> User icon".

(Some icons can be unlocked on Resident Evil.Net by meeting certain conditions.  When you change your icon this will not change your icon on Resident Evil.Net as well.)


Q.How do I unregister?

Open the side menu using the menu icon at the top left of the page, and select "CAPCOM Account settings". Select "Unregister" on the next page.

Q.Can I use Resident Evil Recollections without owning any Resident Evil.Net-enabled games?

Yes. You can access all features of Resident Evil Recollections by registering a CAPCOM Account. (You do not need an account to view articles, the timeline, or the glossary.)

Q.Does the Resident Evil.Net Mobile app support Resident Evil Recollections?

No. The app does not support Recollections. Please access the site using your smartphone's browser.

Q.What are "Tags"?

You can help categorize articles by adding keywords known as "Tags". (You can register words as new tags by separating them with commas in the tag field when posting a new article,  e.g. "Play thoughts, Resident Evil, New game" will create the three tags "Play thoughts", "Resident Evil", and "New game".

Q.What images can be used in articles?

You can view a list of images that can be used in your article by selecting "Images" when creating an article. (Only images available on Resident Evil Recollections at the time of posting the article can be used.)

Q.Can I copy articles from other sites?

No. Please post original articles.

Q.What is "My Folder"?

My Folder contains a list of articles you have created, and other articles you have added to your Folder.

Q.What happens when I click the "Add to my folder" on an article?

This will add the article to your article collection.

(You can view your collection by clicking on Overview at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on your username at the top right of the page.

Q.Can I make my articles or folders private?


Q.Can I hide articles based on the author?


Q.I think I have found an article or comment that violates the Resident Evil.Net terms and conditions.

Please use the report button to flag the item.

Q.What did the November update change?

The list of changes is as follows:

- A new glossary has been added that is linked to by articles and the timeline.

- The timeline has been redesigned.

- Official and User articles can now be listed together.

- Official folders and genres have been redefined as tags.

- Separate user folders have been merged as a single "My Folder".


Please contact us if the FAQ does not provide a solution.