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Resident Evil

Resident Evil 6


See all your in-game stats, including game progress in each difficulty level, total playtime and more! Find out your unique play-style with the Results section!

World Records

Check out statistics from players around the world! Get the insights to go deeper into RE3!



Get the results of your Mastermind's experiments and Survivor's escapes! Check out other players' profiles as well!

World Records

See how you compare with other Masterminds and Survivors around the world; use this data to improve your own game!


Create a Profile Card and show the world how you like to play Resistance! Share your profile and game-information with other players to arrange matches and discuss strategy!



Take on these extreme challenges for skilled players, only available through RE NET!

Global Stats

Check in with stats collected from RE NET players all over the world to see how you stack up against the global trends!

Weekly Challenge

Challenges from RE NET that require a wide range of skills. Complete them all to earn a platinum medal! Put your name on it and share it for some bragging rights!



Rankings are available for all modes, including the story and DLC, for each difficulty! Take on a time attack boss fight in your preferred difficulty!

Global Stats

Check out various fun stats from RE NET players around the world!


Access to exclusive artwork that can only be seen on RE NET!


  • The Nintendo Switch cloud version is not supported on Resident Evil.Net.

Check out your battle history, including win percentage, kill/death ratio for each mode, and your past opponents! Rankings with detailed items are added weekly! Also, by viewing your kill/death situations on each map, you can analyze your own play!


Head out to the battlefield with your own unique, original decal that you've personally customized!


The legendary captain, Chris Honda, will whip you up into peak performance. Everyone from newbies to seasoned veterans will be able to improve their skills!


Raid Play Style

A play style chart for Raid Mode that gives you info on your tendencies!

Online Events

Take on these extreme challenges to get rare items for use in Raid Mode!

Item Transmission

Use RE Points to get in-game items! Take a more effective approach to Raid Mode!

RE NET Icon Display

An icon that you can customize through RE NET will be displayed on your Raid Mode screen!


  • For the Nintendo Switch version, participation in the paid Nintendo Switch Online service will be necessary for linking to Resident Evil.Net.
Player Distribution Map

Use the player distribution map to compare yourself to other RE NET users!

Game Completion Rate

Check out a visual guide on how much of the game you've completed! From game progress, weapons unlocked, and creatures encountered, aim for 100% completion in all categories!


Online Events

Participate in the online event to get weapons and parts to help in taking on the challenging Raid Mode!

Relief Supplies

Help out your friends by sending them ammo and recovery items that can be used in the Campaign Mode!

Game Items

Use RE Points to get weapons and parts that can be used in game, then put them to good use!


Achieve various conditions in-game to get original RE NET titles!


  • For the Nintendo Switch version, participation in the paid Nintendo Switch Online service will be necessary for linking to Resident Evil.Net.
Online Events

Participate in the online event to get RE Points, and additional costumes that can be used in-game!


Read the files found in-game, with an original twist, only on RE NET!

Art Director's Notes

The art director's handwritten notes are a must-see, and are only available on RE NET!


  • The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are not supported on Resident Evil.Net.