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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2889Name:MorgunFS2020-04-10 06:29:31
Я даже не представлял как убого выглядит написанный текст, который потом переведен через google переводчик ...рукалицо...
I had no idea how pathetic the written text looks, which is then translated through google translator ...facepalm...
2888Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-10 05:58:44

Давайте посмотрим, детка, я объясню вам на вашем диалекте, может быть, именно так вы понимаете.

Событие, на которое я ссылался, это делать на уровне 1 против уровня монстров 120. Невозможно сделать эту карту в то время, детка?

Возможно, в вашем конкретном случае вы будете использовать не читы, а сохраненную игру, которая НЕ является Steam. Вы тоже попадаете в категорию читов.

Но другой, о котором я говорил, еще хуже, чем ты.

В любом случае, давайте подождем и посмотрим, останется ли мошенник после окончания турнира в рейтинге, или его исключат из роли русского, которого я знаю и скандал здесьXDDDD
2887Name:MorgunFS2020-04-10 05:10:45
Я здесь листаю этот топик.... И вижу, что здесь вечно в основном находится два человека, которые всех вокруг называют не честными игроками и не предъявляют никаких тому доказательств.
При том одного аж распирает, что бы доказать свою правоту.
Товарищи данная ситуация - полный бред -___-
I'm flipping through this topic here.... And I see that there are always basically two people here who call everyone around them dishonest players and do not show any evidence of this.
At the same time, one is already bursting to prove his case.
Comrades, this situation is complete nonsense -___-
2886Name:MorgunFS2020-04-10 05:05:55
Чавой-то его так бомбит не по детски?
Может до него и правда доходит, что он не прав?
По его логике - любой человек, кто лучше него играет - читер..
Блин...это клиника ёлы-палы -___-
2885Name:MorgunFS2020-04-10 05:04:28
You are so bombed, my young friend!
Maybe you realized that you were wrong about something?
2884Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-10 04:15:05
MorgunFS: Furthermore not only that person is a filthy cheater, but also finishing that map full of hunters + napads in less than 2 minutes is a dirty cheat.
You need to go down stairs, go along the train rails, fight a lot of monsters, then again go through the train, the monsters block the way.

It's a f** cheat. You can't do it in less than 2 minutes even with the best weapons and the worst of all with 20hs XDDDDDD
You are really naive or quite a worse cheater and liar.
2883Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-10 04:08:15
Oh! My new rainbow 6 slots Pale Rider short range + is ready! I think I'm gonna try it on WS just for fun adding long range 10.
2882Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-10 03:59:53
MorgunFS: OFC a filthy casual cheater like you will defend another filthy cheater.
Keep dreaming and hurry up buying the game AGAIN with a new account.
No one is unbanning you LOL. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2881Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-10 02:08:18
@MorgunFS: Lol yeah! You are right! I'm sure any person with "sharpened hands" and 20+ hours of game-play can surpass this score with ease.
2880Name:MorgunFS2020-04-10 01:55:24
It's so funny to watch you.
Do you really think that anyone who plays better than you is a cheater?
If a person has "sharpened hands" for this, then for their 20+ hours in the game, they can safely bypass players who do not know how to play, although they have 1000+ hours of play...

Блин, народ, вы такие забавные стукачи...
Не умеете играть - это чисто ваши проблемы
2879Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-10 01:24:45
Terrific! A new cheater has arrived. #1 on LRC#516
2878Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-09 09:07:10
Invasion (IHC) Event No. 61 (Day 2):
2877Name:MorgunFS2020-04-09 07:03:51
@Daegoth: let's wait and see.
GLHF 2 all
2876Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-09 06:44:48
MorgunFS I'm sorry but you admitted to have used a save that wasn't for this very version. It was from your previous game. So I hardly believe you will be unbanned. But do never lose hope.
2875Name:MorgunFS2020-04-09 06:37:16
What you write is nonsense of pure water. But if it makes you feel better, continue to give false testimony against me.
2874Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-09 06:03:34
MorgunFS your rank got removed because you are a filthy casual cheater. It's called justice. I'm happy for that. Your aren't the first neither the last in cheating.

You want to be ranked again? Create a new account, buy the game again and DON'T CHEAT.

So easy.
2873Name:MorgunFS2020-04-09 05:49:25
@Uzumaki1988: So someone thought I hacked the game?
And no one thought about the fact that I played (and not only I, but a lot of other people) earlier on my PC in the disk version of the game for many days on end, and recently purchased the game in the digital edition of STEAM and that would not again pass 100 times the same thing-moved all your data from the old PC to the new one?
I'm just curious. Why is my progress demolished and still threatened with ban?
Not only did I not use cheats or hacks, but I even paid double for the game.
Since I originally had a physical edition without any links to accounts, and now I have a digital edition.
Ah with RER2 all apparently clear... I here recently purchased a digital edition of RE6...and there is more ass. There are even more problems with the key for GFWL, but no problems like RER 2 with porting progress from the disk edition.
2871Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-09 04:45:49
@MorgunFS: Your rank got removed because you cheated buddy. Either you played with a hacked save or hacked weapons that do more than max normal damage. If you don't get ranked in the coming events as well, then you have been banned from rankings permanently.
2870Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-09 04:39:00
@antony209494: I doubt it was any cheater (although these cheats can do a lot of damage with their hacked games/weapons) but anyone who has been marked as cheater, the damage they do won't register. It is also true that sometimes the data is not reported correctly on time or you had really bad luck and someone with high level parts and weapons managed to kill the creature within that 20~30 seconds window when you were restarting. Please also keep in mind that when the creature is about to die (very low HP left 1%~2%) a whole bunch of players will try to play at this time for the Gina skin reward. I'd be happy to give you the skin if it was possible to gift items, as I have an extra skin in my Inventory.
Also, trust me, it is very much possible to get 12M~13M points/day in Solo even for this month's current event. I myself was able to score on average about ~12.5/day during the event. I could do 20M+/day with electric support but non of my friends were available to play the IHC this time for helping me
2869Name:MorgunFS2020-04-09 04:24:32
Постараюсь перевести ранее мной написанное на пендосовский..

I certainly apologize, but why did my rank disappear in the event?
I used to take up some space with my score, but now I have an score, and I don't have any rank.
Understand nothing. T-T
2867Name:MorgunFS2020-04-09 04:10:33
Я конечно прошу прощение, но почему в событии мой ранк исчез?
Раньше я занимал какое-то там место со своим счётом, а теперь есть счёт, а ранка никокого нет.
Ничего не понимаю. Т-Т
2866Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-09 04:09:08
@Daegoth Vilfariel: RoF is the rate of fire part buddy. Very helpful with Mura (LRC setup) and shotguns. :)
I'm glad the cheater got removed. But again another will be back in the next events.. It is a never ending cycle.. :(
2865Name:antony2094942020-04-09 02:51:40
I tried to get the Gina skin with a friend on that last IHC monster. We were both constantly exiting/entering RAID mode and trying to catch it with 2-3 million HP since that is what we calcuated we can dish out together with our mid-range parts. We both reported to each other 8623996 HP left at some point. Then while we were restarting, not even 20 secconds later RE.NET reports the creature DEAD and we cannot deploy in the event: My question is: Which of the two is true (or both)

1) There are server refresh/late reporting/latency issues and we were getting old data.

2) There was a hacker or super high end parts guy/s (is it even possible to deal 8+ million without hacking?) and killed it.

I am a total noob when it comes to events, I dont really care for them I just want the Bloody Gina skin to own eveyrthing in the game. So wtf happened and now I have to wait 1 more month to try? Any info is aprreciated!
2864Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-09 02:37:44
What is RoF?
I can see the cheater removed from rankings fortunatelly.
2863Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-08 23:57:54
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Yes! Any high level damage, capacity or RoF part is always a good reward. Though I already have 3 decimator shotguns so it doesn't make much difference now.
2862Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-08 07:21:18
If by decent you mean dmg lvl14 + Decimator, I agree.
2861Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-08 00:08:59
Decent rewards for the WS & LRC events this time. :D
2858Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-06 08:03:25
Kastiel sorry I didn't understand the question.

Uzumaki don't worry he will get banned if he cheated. These filthy casuals don't last long.
2857Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-06 05:41:38
It looks like these cheaters will never stop coming... Ban one and another comes in to take that place...

2856Name:Kastiel2020-04-03 03:08:11
Daegoth thanks. But i tell about not campaign episodes, but about raid episodes from 1-9 on(normal, hard, v.hard)
2855Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-02 09:11:33

1.What weapons are best to carry?

R: If you are lvl 1, anything is good.

2.How to pump a new character faster with lvl 1?

R: The fastest way I can think about lvlling fast is to be carried by a high lvl player on 86 with greed and soul eater lvl 10 parts.

3.Does the episode number and its difficulty affect on the number of stars in loot?

R: The campaign has nothing to do with raid mode.

4.How to get loot with 2 and 3 stars?

R: When you reach lvl 90 you will be allowed to play Code Red stages that has a great chance of lvl 100 weapons and even rainbow ones (3 stars). So you kinda need to play a bit.

5.Which character is better than the rest and why?

R: All characters start with different skills that when maxed out you can transfer to the rest of the gang. Once you transfer all skills all characters become similar, the only difference is who you like most, fe. I like Chris and Alex.

Chris at the very begining starts with rocket launcher and metal shield, while
2853Name:Kastiel2020-04-02 06:45:12
Hi all. I play on raid not so long. Tell me pls:
1.What weapons are best to carry?
2.How to pump a new character faster with lvl 1?
3.Does the episode number and its difficulty affect on the number of stars in loot?
4.How to get loot with 2 and 3 stars?
5.Which character is better than the rest and why?
2852Name:ares.one2020-04-01 21:01:29
The right creatures (Devastator) right weapon arm crosses the left enemies (Pulverizer) leg, and its own leg. Everytime the weaponarm crosses one of the legs, SHOT THE WEAPONARM OF DEVASTATOR. Just make sure You have Arm + any leg crossed.
In singleshot you realise the double or triple count, when the dmg number is shown overlayed by different or same numbers.

As already stated before, there is a chance of getting double or triple hitcount per shot.
2x Mura LR+: CriticalHit 10, Fullburst, electro ammo10, dmg19, cap 19, LR10,
2x Anaconda LR+: No Recoil 5, Fullburst, electro ammo10, dmg19, cap 19, LR10,

I ended up with 6,1-6,4m damage @ fullburst and crouch powerin 3-4 minutes per round. In singleshot u will do a bit more damage, it just costs much more time.
2849Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-01 08:37:19
So, the trick is just to hit on whatever place while moving? Not in the wounds from where the tentacles emerge?
2848Name:Uzumaki19882020-04-01 08:30:58
@Daegoth Vilfariel: There is no weak spot for the IHC event No. 61 creatures. However, for these revenant creatures, when their limbs are moving over their body, there is usually a chance of getting double or even triple hits (with just one shot) if you are able to time it right.
Here's a video of me doing it, the damage is also doubled as my friend was helping me with electric support as well:
I hope this helps! :D

Note: There is only one creature in this video. When both are alive, you have more chances of getting the double/triple hits.
2847Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-01 04:39:43
What's the weak point for the IHC#61 monsters??
2846Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-04-01 02:04:41
Kastiel unless you are a noob or haven't heard about LRC events, then I need to tell you that you can perfectly not only complete missions as lvl 1 where the recommended lvl for you is 40 BUT you can do the same as lvl 1 when the recommended lvl is 100 even against lvl 120 monsters.

You don't need to be a cheater, you just need SKILLS, 2 hands, good weapons and overall FIRE.
2845Name:Kastiel2020-03-31 22:42:59
On PC version there are cheaters as well as on PS3? Man complete mission on 1lvl character when requirements for mission 40 lvl? Really??
2844Name:Soulless_Persona2020-03-17 05:52:24
TBH, I dont blame the dude for assuming since you did say "a new centurion" after the whole cheating thing in the convo.

Just dont threaten or make weird lewd comments to me like that one dude on PS4; otherwise, I dont care what else is said or even opinions about me on the boards. I barely the game anymore beside some speedruns and occasional time for LRCs.

Furthermore, stay safe everyone in this time and have a nice day.
2843Name:Nimitz2020-03-17 02:00:47
quiet centurion
I wasn't talking about you
we know you are unbeatable in lrc
it's just to understand that there is another cheater
2842Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-16 06:43:22
:O The almighty god lvl player has spoken to me:
2840Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-16 05:24:03
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Point noted! However, if you were expecting that there will be a "banned" logo or something on a cheater's profile, then no... That is not the case. In Rev2 a ban means the cheater has been permanently removed from event rankings.
2838Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-16 03:00:16
Uzumaki I perfectly know what a ban means. I didn't ask that. But whatever I saw his rank removed.
I'm just glad another cheater won't receive rewards or be ranked among legit players.
2837Name:Soulless_Persona2020-03-15 05:58:14
@Cent: To answer your question, not a lot of time to play that week and the runs I had didnt have a the executioner I wanted tbh (I basically want to one and done the LRC cause I do not like it solo). I had a few 1'40"-1'42" runs otherwise. Also had the game for years on PC, just never had the proper one to play until last year.
2836Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-15 05:25:23
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Their ranks have been revoked, this means they can no longer be ranked in events. That is what a ban means. They can still play the game but their times/scores/damage to IHC creatures will no longer count.
2835Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-15 01:11:10
Uzumaki how do you know that cheater was banned? I'm seing his profile but can't find any bans.
2834Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-14 22:06:26
@Centurion: Cent, we all know that you are the LRC god here. :) I think @Nimitz was referring to the recent cheater who got banned for cheating in LRC and IHC :
A quick look at your profile will tell anyone that you are super legit :D
2833Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-14 22:04:07
I absolutely hate cheaters. I know some of them are console players and as they spent so many hours on their peasant consoles think they can cheat in pc. They are still cheaters.
2832Name:Centurion2020-03-14 10:29:26
Please don't insult me. All of my records are from legitimate gains throughout the years.
Ms Soulless_Persona Veteran console player.
Is using a hacked save file. She most likely purchased the game during the 2019 Christmas sale.
End of video
What I don’t understand is how a skilled player can use a hacked save file and still can’t take the prison. A Steady Shot Muramasa can kill any Executioner.
2830Name:Nimitz2020-03-13 23:34:28
well the new centurion has arrived

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