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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Nintendo Switch "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
146Name:Glaze2020-09-08 23:27:01
Reminder that this discord is still active for all resident evil games on switch! Feel free to join. (some also have games on other consoles
145Name:(1513407) noname2020-07-11 16:53:32
There's someone playing RE6 (Survivor) for Nintendo Switch?, I'm wondering if buy it, but I'll do it only for play Survivor
144Name:SergioSCP2020-07-03 17:04:58
Hello, if anyone wants to play co op, add me, my code is 5097 8660 6609 , i have levl 100 character and weapons, also lower level characters that need leveling so im a flexible partner :p

Que tal, si alguien quiere jugar co op, agreguenme, mi codigo de amigo es 5097 8660 6609 , tengo personajes levl 100 y mas bajos asi que no hay problema si estan en niveles distintos :p
143Name:Tarles2020-05-14 02:59:52
¿es verdad que si te bajas el nivel, tienes mas posibilidad de encontrar armas de color arcoiris?
142Name:Cronotopic2020-04-28 15:59:18
Chance no te salen armas raras porque necesitas equipar las piezas “Rarezas 3”, inténtalo.
Vamos a armar una partida multiplayer, es lo único que me falta probar del juego.
141Name:gailyoshiclare2020-03-04 14:02:25
No me salen armas raras nivel 100 por mas q juego y juego ya no se q mas hacer
140Name:Az2020-01-22 18:47:13
Waste of effort doing last week's level restricted challenges. Capcom seam to have failed to acknowledge them and are nowhere to be seen. Cheers for that.
139Name:jobe2019-12-18 15:48:50
have a question about the online events.

for the special parts where it lists the ranks below, how does it work? If you are over 70, do you get medal of courage as well as everything below it (ammo magnet 8, Burst 3, Fangs 2)? Or do you only get the part thats in your range?

SSS: 150 and over:Zaytsev (Lv48, 5 slots)
S: 100 and over:1 x Grenage Launcher
AAA: 90 and over:Bottomless Pouch 3
A: 70 and over:1 x Medal of Courage
BB: 50 and over:Ammo Magnet 8
CCC: 30 and over:1 x Burst 3
C: 10 and over:Fangs 2
138Name:Milki-Hazard2019-11-04 22:23:08
Only place to look is the discord group i've been posting links for
137Name:Junior2019-11-03 17:33:02
I'm looking for someone to play Resident Evil 5 and 6 with on Switch.
136Name:Junancho2019-09-28 11:14:36
Hello there! Anyone who wants to play revelations 1 and 2 on the switch? I have no luck finding online matches other than friends. I hope crossplay could be possible. Here is a discord server if you want to join to play some great matches

Hola! Alguno que juegue Revelations 1 y 2 en Nintendo Switch? No encuentro partida en linea mas qe con algunos amigos, que mal que no haya crossplay. He aqui un canal de discord para que nos podamos organizar y echar las patadas en linea

I hope the community can go up!!
Espero la comunidad se levente!!
135Name:Milki-Hazard2019-09-14 00:33:17
The Switch community are still active! Go to this discord link to join our community!
132Name:Milki-Hazard2019-06-15 04:20:21
Very happy to see RE6 coming to Switch!! Only bad part is no communication which will cause frustration for sure!!
131Name:Karabeara2019-05-24 10:49:44
Here is my friend code SW-0276-0862-0227
130Name:C.Redfield2019-05-21 21:42:59
Looking for friends on Switch to play with
129Name:sssvolt2019-05-19 03:33:56
Here's my switch fiend code for anyone who wants to play SW-7129-2312-9034
127Name:JaceTheMindSculptor2019-05-15 14:32:50
Finally I find the forums here after playing such a long time .l like rev2
126Name:meme2019-05-05 10:04:03
looking for partner for events and for finding level 100 weapons message me?
125Name:Milki-Hazard2019-03-13 01:48:09
Do we have any information about support for Resident Evil 1 remake?
124Name:Rick2019-01-09 15:05:52
Hello, anyone needs a partner
for raid mode?

Hola, alguien nesesita un

compañero de raid mode?
123Name:Az2018-12-16 10:23:48
122Name:Milki-Hazard2018-12-02 05:59:51
Soon RE2 comes out and rev2 will only be a memory. Can't wait ^^
120Name:Milki-Hazard2018-11-29 04:48:54
Lol I have no clue either i'm not competetive in rev2, only play it for fun. And yes he even said it himself that he couldn't belive he didn't find it out sooner. Oh well :P
119Name:Az2018-11-28 05:34:21
It took him 800 hours to find out the glitch was still there. LOL Who is the best in the world MartinMilky man? I honestly have no idea or ever heard of anyone claiming to be.
118Name:Milki-Hazard2018-11-28 03:29:21
He told me that his entire reason for purchasing it again on switch was because he assumed this game breaking glitch would be fixed and he wanted to be the best player in the world. He felt like it was pointless when this glitch was still here.. I also thought it seemed extreme but he had little to no interest in any other game coming to the switch. Too bad he lost so much time on grinding.
117Name:Az2018-11-27 19:39:04
Sold his switch because of the pause glitch? Seriously? A bit extreme I must say lol. (unbelievable) I cant sell my sons switch he wouldn't like it one bit. (I don't own one) Xbox One is his too. I only own an Xbox 360 and a PS 2 (not sure if it still works). I only get good ranks MartinMilky since the old pro's don't do events anymore I suppose. I still find events an enjoyable pastime and don't really take the game too serious, but I try to play the best I can. Sometimes I play lazy. Sometimes I play crazy and screw about a bit.
116Name:Milki-Hazard2018-11-26 03:41:40
Do anyone even take the Rev2 events seriously anymore? The best switch player Ciaran sold his switch with over 800 hours of playtime when he realized capcom were too lazy to fix this pause glitch.
115Name:Az2018-11-26 00:41:04
The majority Of players here play Resident Evil Rev 2 Raid Mode. But some insist on playing Resident Glitchville Pause Mode. Hard to control the pests. Only way is to deny them the prize I suppose. Maybe then they will feel the same as the players they steal rank and glory from. Will the Roaches learn a lesson? Perhaps not. I have to admire you Pest Control, for warning of your intension to play WS the way cheko does openly and not sneakily shouting SUPRISE when the event ends leaving ligit players pissed and angry. And cheko...I urge you not to spam the start button this WS if you haven't already, its obvious when you do and you get no respect for doing it. I know it's just a game n all that noise, I have heard it all before.
114Name:pest control2018-11-25 17:15:34
It's Weekend Survivor again and I am predicting that Cheko will be submitting his time glitch run right at the end as usual. Maybe Brian will have incredibly knocked 3 or 4 minutes off his time too although his current time is a quick time already (well done). I will be here to stop your gold tower theft Cheko so do an honest run time because 1st place wont be there for you this time like WS 61 as I told you before. I am telling you this openly you know I am going to slam dunk your last minute "effort" so don't waste your time spamming your start button for 30 missions and embarrass yourself further. CLOCKROACH.
112Name:Milki-Hazard2018-11-11 07:16:18
Capcom will never do anything to fix these games. Don't even bother hoping for it.
111Name:death2018-11-11 01:26:37
Resident Evil Revelations on switch needs a difficulty and drop patch. I am level 50 with maxed out weapons that are level 48 to 50. Why is it that my weapons on Abyss stages do crap damage? why after several ghostships runs, that I don't have not one gluttony? Why is it that with cornucopia and 35% ammo drops on weapons, I still run out of ammo. People defend this by saying that it is a coop game. If that is the case, then why is it that the enemies are harder with coop. I play online and the game isn't as popular as it use to be, and no one is playing it much. So even if it was meant to be coop, how are you going to get trinities on abyss and ghost ship if no one is playing. I've poured hundreds of hours into this game with nothing in return. Ultra rare cases give dehumanizers on RE NET. In the game, the ultra-rare items are bottomless pouches that are one every 250 or 270 seconds. REALLY! I am aware that for enemies, some are weak to certain weapons, cool. But you can only carry three weapons and if you c
110Name:pest control2018-11-07 16:18:47
Well BRIAN was missing too from WS 61 solo. Another WS roach that owes most of his gold tower success to Rifa and the time glitch. Ha ha ha but you got your asses handed to you on the lrc level 40 event I see by AZ & Cintiani 2 legends finally ended your co op reign. Ooo I bet that hurt lol lol lol
109Name:pest control2018-11-07 15:52:14
Cheato cheeko has clockroached himself another Weekend survivor gold tower. tut tut mo fo. For someone that doesn't make much impact on lrc events, you sure do find the ability to roach your way through weekend survivor with unprecedented speed. I was SADDENED to see a familiar name in your SITE BUDDIES too The name WORNOUTSMILES was right there endorsing your TIME GLITCHING ass.


You really ought to be more cautious of the *BUDDIES you accept.

@WS 61 CHEATrOach

I was too busy to control you this time CHEEKO. I exist to see you never get another one.
108Name:Milki-Hazard2018-10-29 20:16:46
Resident Evil Zero, Remake and 4 will be releasing on Switch next year. Wonder if atleast remake will have support added.
100Name:Jonas2018-10-11 22:46:45
@controldeplagas el ultimo evento no logre el traje de Gina ,en esta ocasión entre a diario y lo dañe aun mas crees que ahora si me la den?
99Name:xuele2018-10-10 15:54:42
98Name:Bill2018-10-01 19:22:40
97Name:Milki-Hazard2018-09-20 05:28:02
I totally agree with you. I want to let them know I don't want to put up with this.. So i'm not gonna pay either. But in the future i'll have to :(
96Name:Az2018-09-20 05:20:47
its been free for quite some time martinmilk. I will look for the 1 week thing but it must be clear to them that I have already trialled the shit out of it for past few months. So maybe access denied. I will look tomorrow as now I have to sleep and forgot eshop password anyway. The family subscription is a fair price for a year IMO
95Name:Milki-Hazard2018-09-20 04:44:12
You can start a free 1 week trail AZ. But yes it sucks I hope no one buys that crap :p
94Name:Az2018-09-20 03:37:27
Oh dear. Nintendo now want paying to play online. Looks like no WS anyway on switch for me I am skint broke right now. Be back next week.
93Name:Az2018-09-20 03:04:18
. pause glitch is like a cancer that spreads from player to player in the shadows. One learns it and then another and before you know it the rankings are infested with cheat times that many of the pro's (past and present) can spot straight away. Then there are those "pro glitchers" that are very subtle with their glitching as to make it look like a light time. This is why I started recording my event runs in the 1st place. And there's always those players that glitch events and be totally open about it and say if Capcom can't do anything to stop them they will do it and screw what anyone thinks of them. Weekend survivor is CLOCKROACH central. Not many players have the tech hardware or know how to record WS all 30 Missions either. Some record the last 4 or 5 missions but that doesn't prove shit.
92Name:Milki-Hazard2018-09-20 02:11:55
I've heard of some pause glitch. But I haven't even figured out how to do it and I have no interest in it. As long as u can make ur way thru the LRC's without getting fu*ed I don't see why anyone would even care to cheat their way through just to get a silly ranking.
91Name:pest control2018-09-19 04:17:40
Well now. I hope everyone is looking forward to CLOCKROACH SURVIVOR to be rewarded with the FIREBOLT.
Cheko loves the stop start method isn't that right mo fo. Or there are those that stop start just a few times and chisel away at ligit times enough to avoid suspicions. It's always infested with clockroaches so enjoy the next instalment of fuk dup survivor this weekend.
90Name:Milki-Hazard2018-09-19 02:50:09
Yea I see what u mean Az. I currently have PS3 PS4 Xbox One switch and even vita version.. too bad that one dosen't have events ;) xD
89Name:Az2018-09-12 15:41:10
@ Marty milk
I like the switch mate. Great crystal supply. I will still be active on it. If I go PS4 I could pop up anywhere in events. ; ) (except steam).

88Name:pest control2018-09-12 15:26:00
@ Jonas
. Si mataste a una bestia enorme, Gina debería estar abierta para ti. Capcom te lo enviará aquí para que lo transfieras a tu juego.
87Name:Jonas2018-09-12 11:55:31
Como se que gane a Gina sangrienta,se supone que al derrotar a los gigantes debería desbloquearse
86Name:Milki-Hazard2018-09-12 09:35:18
No Az, we need our 5 active switch players.. XD
85Name:Az2018-09-11 06:34:51
It's a shame BRIAN won't show vid footage of his lrc 249 it is nothing short of a miracle so fast with such slow spawns. I too find it suspicious. When a world record holder pro like soulless persona on faster spawn ps4 is only a second quicker than BRIAN on slower switch, it's kinda hard not to be suspicious. CLOCK ROACH???? Highly probable IMO
To beat clockroaches one must become a clockroach and before you know it the ranks are infested as bad as PS3 and Xbox. Maybe I will start over on PS4. lol

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