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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
2808Name:NemesisX2020-04-08 01:07:27
I guess all resi games have Problems With online mode at the moment...
2807Name:NemesisX2020-04-08 01:03:59
Project Resistance is having issues for me?! I Can't play the game online!? GTA 5 and other games are working good when I play them online, but Project resistence have big connection problems, please fix that CAPCOM. For what i have paid money ??
2806Name:hernan198902020-04-07 23:49:25
Hola.. Que pasó gente? Desde ayer que no puedo entrar al menu del juego res revelations 1 en mi ps4, y hoy sigo intentando y no consigo entrar.
Alguien sabe cuando se solucionará esto?
Es que estoy jugando hace poco en la ps4 y quiero comprar maletines de armas, y no me deja entrar al menú. :-(
2805Name:Conan Rorschach2020-04-07 09:05:42
Give me connection to server of to WEEKLY CHALLENGE to RE2R.
WTF... Resident Evil 3 Raccon City F*ck all games, include Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Clock Tower into to limbo,,,
2804Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-04-07 05:31:21
This error seems to be affected by everyone and on all plattforms. No need to panic
2803Name:C2020-04-07 00:38:13
Same error message for me, with Rev2 on my Switch.
2802Name:zeninlove2020-04-06 22:18:52
My ps4 keep fails to connect to RE.NET today, anyone have same issue?
2801Name:jaime43122020-04-06 12:34:08
Okay so I'm superlate to the party (got re revelations 1 and 2 like 1 month ago), still, I wonder if RNG it's the reason I can't get burst +2 -_-, I literary have never gotten that weapon part and I want it so badly for at least 2 weapons. I farmed Neil today in Code Red difficulty, got 4 - 7 level 100 weapons plus quite a few weapon parts and that's it, that thing just doesn't drop (by the way,I check the store after every single run). Or perhaps it's necessary to do something to unlock it?
2800Name:Fistuch2020-04-06 06:28:44
Hello i have preorder box edition on re3,finish the game 2x and still disnt get that classic dlc skins how to get them?
2799Name:The D3RP2020-04-06 05:39:44
I’m wondering if anyone knows the equipment point limit for each character in RE resistance. I’ve looked at the RE game Manual and it doesn’t specify. It just says “it’s different for each character” and I’m very curious
2797Name:no name2020-04-05 22:30:55
I finished RE3 and towards the end I got disconnected from RE NET. Therefore, I did not receive achievements. How can I fix this?
2796Name:Lucio2020-04-05 16:47:59
Can someone elp me to get bloodied Gina?
2795Name:Rod2020-04-05 12:09:03
Been trying to play quick play as mastermind but the wait has been over 40 minutes before I quit and do something else. Is this a common issue?
2794Name:Kastiel2020-04-05 06:07:39
Some questions.

1. What is the Code red mission?

2. Using infinite bullets on magnum or other weapons but without a crossbow, can i finish chapters normally not to rank C?

3. How else to get infinite bullets on weapons other than magnum?
2792Name:Gran Diego2020-04-05 05:11:16
Here is a vídeo with the Best plays as Mastermind that I have seen. Enjoy!
2791Name:SaranWrap2020-04-05 03:30:27
Game crash wiped all progress in RE Resistance. Would not advise anyone to spend money on RP boosters as all consumed boosters were nowhere to be found.
2789Name:Mica2020-04-04 09:53:02
Sent out where tho I've gotten no notifications
2788Name:BorishDugdum2020-04-04 03:40:20
On PS4 - currently waiting over 20 minutes to find a match on RE Resistance. I seemed to have found matches quicker in the beta.

I've tried restarting the matchmaking, restarting the game, restarting my console, restarting my router - nothing works.

I played the beta and it took maybe 1-3 minutes to find a match, but now that I have the full game - I can't play it very often.

2787Name:Shinigami2020-04-03 22:55:01
Can't connect to a match searching as Mastermind. Anyone else having this issue???
2786Name:Mica2020-04-03 21:00:39
Anyone know where I can report an issue? I did not get the preorder bonus outfits for re3 and what was the WHOLE reason I preordered
2785Name:zBrut2020-04-03 20:40:30
Re Resistance is a shit why you even bother?
2784Name:Fran Vicio Gamer2020-04-03 12:03:19
Hello good, I have a problem with Resident Evil Resistance for PS4, both in the Beta and in the full game does not find a game as a mastermind but as a survivor.
2783Name:Trench2020-04-03 04:09:02
Wow, that was some speech dude, now I have to let go of everything in my life to help you newcomers...
2782Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard (2)2020-04-03 00:14:49
Sniper, Shotgun, Magnum are best.

Faster way to level up other characters is by having 1 level 100, use second controller for split screen and play code red missions to farm xp for the low level character.

Best character depends on what skill you want to master first. Wesker's evade cancel is most important i'd say.
2781Name:Kastiel2020-04-02 06:46:33
Hi all. I play on raid not so long. Tell me pls:

1.What weapons are best to carry?

2.How to pump a new character faster with lvl 1?

3.Does the episode number and its difficulty affect on the number of stars in loot?

4.How to get loot with 2 and 3 stars?

5.Which character is better than the rest and why?
2780Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-04-01 18:20:03
Nope, game works fine for me on both PS4 and Xbox One.
2779Name:Waffles In HD2020-04-01 18:00:29
Project Resistance is having issues for me. “Disconnected from host” & “connectivity issues”, my internet works fine, all my other games work fine, but this one. I hope it’s just the beta. And wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this.
2778Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-04-01 03:49:44
And what's your excuse..? you only have 32 points. :| The game is 8 years old and most players problably aren't even aware there is an event going on.
2777Name:Starcade2020-04-01 02:59:56
To all the RE6 veterans/Forum Gossipers/Lurkers: where are you?! We need you now for this EX3 event, and after I messaged a few of you, I got nothing but excuses! Don’t only show up if they have rewards for RE3 multiplayer; show that you’re a true fan of the series by helping us with this challenge! We can do this!
2776Name:Aman2020-03-31 23:47:28
Will code Veronica ever get a remake after Re3 at first I always wanted the first resident evil to be remake again with Re engine this time but however I enjoyed the way it is but still wanted one more remake for code Veronica so they fix the camera angles which was difficulty to fight with monsters but hope it will be in development soon
2775Name:Starcade2020-03-31 08:58:16
Hey guys! For the Resident Evil 6 (PS3) EX3 outfit event, make sure 1)you’re LOGGED ONTO THE PSN & 2) Select ‘PlayStation Network’ (not ‘Offline’) when starting a chapter to count on the leaderboards. Let’s get the target score, guys!
2774Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-31 02:32:44
umm.. that's a weird minor thing to be that upset about lmao.
2773Name:Scarlet Jester2020-03-31 01:19:27
The controller needs to be altered because The Evil Within is better as far as run. Press L1 on ps4 or LB on xbox down when you want to run. Alternatively toggle run on and off with the button. The Evil Within series is great, I play it all of the time, but I actually didn't even repurchase RE 2 remake at all after I switched consoles to the xbox, because run button is trapped on L3, it effectively ruins the game.
2772Name:Nubianprncess5042020-03-30 01:22:05
Trying to link my Wii U on here but keep getting an error msg.
2771Name:Offworlder12020-03-29 06:47:42
@Ya Boi
Get the two high grade gunpowder, go to the subway car again where you started, mix the two to create mag ammo, they go to where the roof is with the yellow construction site equipment is, a construction worker zombie and the Mr. Charlie will have spawned. Kill the zombie and shoot the Mr. Charlie.
2770Name:Lee Enfield2020-03-28 22:34:57

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2768Name:Ya Boi2020-03-24 10:15:03

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2767Name:Crisgoodspeed2020-03-20 04:31:27
Salut la Team, j'ai coopéré avec des joueurs qui avaient le lance roquette en illimité ! Comment l'obtenir S.V.P ?
2766Name:Peteriks2020-03-20 00:08:03
Hey, got problem with linking account with ps 4. When i trying to link account it says ''Error

Failed to send account link information. Please try again.''

Anybody know how to fix it ?
2763Name:zBrut2020-03-18 01:34:22
Hello all i see even after years people dont understand how grind work in Rev1/Rev2 it is a pure RNG things like special stages special chests special routs or even which way you open chest dont exist never is just pure luck simply example you can grind 10 hours and get rainbows or 300 hours and have crap stuff...Hope this information help safe all
2762Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-14 12:46:47
the grind in revelations is unforgiving and totally random. Rare finders on rev2 do great work so keep using all 3 on all weapons for best result.
2761Name:Shiva2020-03-14 10:07:21
Is it completely hopeless to keep playing code red
til I the get the Muramasa? That’s the only weapon I’m missing. I’ve even equipped level 3 rare
Items part to my weapons for a higher chance and I feel like I’ve wasted my gold. Only got 2 rainbows the entire time
2760Name:Randy840002020-03-12 00:01:56
Salut à tous, y a t'il quelqu'un qui joue au mode commando de résident évil révélation? pas le 2... le 1
2758Name:kunglao_842020-03-10 14:23:03
When I try to sync Revelations to update my raid level it doesnt update at all and im lv 50 in the game but level 1 on here and the sync button wont let you press it. has anyone went through this?
2757Name:Offworlder12020-03-10 11:34:41
Anyone here going to play RE Resistance on the Xbox One ?
2756Name:Cintian Uzuki2020-03-07 01:23:16
Resident Evil 2 remake service back online. Thanks
2755Name:Cintian Uzuki2020-03-06 23:24:47
Resident Evil 2 remake has connection error and i can't finis Weekly Challenges. Can anyone from support take care of this?
2754Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-06 00:51:35
2753Name:Shamoxx2020-03-05 20:15:17
When add link at Resident Evil 6 on Switch ?

2752Name:Kuno2020-03-04 19:28:14
Anyone still play wiiu revelations? Send me a partner invite.

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