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Extra Files

Bandersnatch (T-Virus)
A human-derived prototype B.O.W., developed as a more general-purpose Tyrant by placing particular emphasis on practicality rather than attempting to produce the perfect weapon. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to extend its flexible right arm almost instantaneously, a trait hitherto unseen in humanoid B.O.W.s. While this grants the Bandersnatch certain advantages when pursuing its target, it nevertheless suffers from decreased mobility due to atrophy of the lower limbs, which in turn has an impact on its suitability for rapid deployment.

Although the size of its right arm may remind you of William Birkin after he infected himself with the G-Virus, the Bandersnatch is more aggressive. Its arm can be used not only for attacks, but also to move between entire floors. Running up a flight of stairs might fool most creatures, but the Bandersnatch stops at nothing. While this may seem obvious, its powerful arm can only attack the right hand side, and its left arm is virtually useless, so approaching from the left is the smart choice when taking on a Bandersnatch.