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Extra Files

Jack Krauser (Plaga)
A former American soldier and one-time partner of Leon, Krauser joined Wesker after his military discharge and was ordered to infiltrate the cult of Los Illuminados. It was Krauser himself who carried out the kidnapping of the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley. Although Krauser's orders were to obtain a Plaga sample, he was seduced by its power and was willingly embedded with the dominant-strain variant in order to acquire superhuman abilities. After a confrontation with his old partner Leon, Krauser decides to settle things once and for all through combat, but he is ultimately overwhelmed.

Although Krauser's rivalry with Leon is his biggest claim to fame, he also stands out among the characters available for use in The Mercenaries. As his main weapon is a bow, he can attack continuously without having to reload, and his invaluable left arm thrust can take out any enemy in one hit, a useful ability when chaining combos.