RE NET is only available in English and Japanese.

Extra Files

Garrador (Plaga)
Garradors are the result of body-strengthening Plaga experiments and as such display outstanding physical abilities. They have a row of razor-sharp extensible claws with bent tips affixed to each of their arms. As Garradors will viciously attack anything that enters their field of vision, their eyelids are stitched shut, and they are securely restrained in cells until needed. To compensate for their blindness, they have a heightened sense of hearing. Using this, they can accurately locate their targets and dismember them with their claws.

RE4 and RE5 both feature enemies with elusive weak points that need to be revealed if one is to have any hope of defeating them. These points usually manifest themselves as a Plaga parasite, and the Garrador is no exception (the Plaga is located on its spine).
If you don't attack the Plaga on a Garrador's spine, you'll deal only one tenth of the damage you would do otherwise. So rather than a weak point, the Plaga could be considered the *only* damageable point.