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Ivy (T-Virus)
Formally designated Plant 43, Ivy is a B.O.W. developed through analysis of the data collected from Plant 42, the plant accidentally created in the Arklay laboratory guardhouse. As a result of selective breeding, the plant is capable of independent locomotion and can attack and ensnare prey through the use of its two tentacles. Additionally, the head-like bulb sprays a fluid containing digestive enzymes which can incapacitate victims. Ivies possess an exceptional ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, adapting almost immediately even to airborne toxins.

Although carnivorous plants can be found in the real world, their existence is limited to basic responses to external stimuli. Due to T-Virus administration and other B.O.W. research related improvements, through a process that could be defined as evolution, Ivies have come to possess a primitive intelligence. Much like the similar Uroboros virus, the T-Virus has the effect of accelerating the evolutionary rate of infected species.