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Giant Majini (Evolved Plaga)
Members of the Ndipaya tribe whose height grew to around three meters due to an unexpected side effect of experimental Type 3 Plaga implantation. They are able to summon their companions with a war cry and wield crude handmade clubs fashioned from skulls and spikes. Both their offensive and defensive abilities are far superior to those of regular Wetland Majini.

In the same way that certain creatures and individuals display exceptional compatibility with viruses, Giant Majini display exceptional compatibility with Plagas. The main sign of high compatibility with the Type 3 Plaga is gigantism, although this only manifests itself in mature individuals possessing both X and Y chromosomes (i.e., adult males). Although this effect is thought to be mostly due to the influence of the original dominant-strain Plaga, the number of test subjects is exceedingly small and the details are still unclear.