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Extra Files

Ooze Rachael (T-Abyss Virus)
The mutated form of Rachael, an FBC agent. She was ordered to infiltrate the Queen Zenobia, despite a lack of information, and was assaulted by T-Abyss infected individuals known as Oozes. She mutated into an Ooze herself after succumbing to the Oozes' attacks, but many of her human features were, unusually, preserved. Her rage-filled voice as she draws near makes her more terrifying than many other creatures.

In the pilot version of the game included with The Mercenaries 3D, the scene where Rachael is brutally massacred in the crew's living quarters featured a different character called Richard. Although she had a name, Rachael was originally intended to be little more than a mutated character that would attack the player. However, as a result of the pre-launch trailer that fleshed out the story leading up to her death, her popularity now rivals that of some of the other characters.