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Tyrant (T-Virus)
A B.O.W. that not only possesses outstanding combat ability, but that is also intelligent enough to execute orders. Its self-defense capabilities include its high stamina and its ability to mutate into a Super Tyrant by disabling its Power Limiter when its life is threatened. Although the latter was not originally planned as a feature, the red-tinged flesh, raw brutality, agility, and power when unleashed is truly fitting of the name "Tyrant." It's easy to see why the Tyrant is considered the ideal B.O.W.

From the moment it first appears and kills Wesker, until the moment when it is wiped out by a rocket launcher, the very first final boss of the series, the Tyrant, left a lasting impression on the RE franchise. This Tyrant's codename is T-002—it is an early version of the mass production model T-103 Tyrant. Much like the Proto Tyrant in RE0, the T-002 could also be considered a prototype for the mass production T-103, and the increase in model number by 100 may have indicated the change from prototype to final production model.