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Extra Files

Nemesis-T Type (T-Virus / NE-α Type)
The Nemesis project was established and managed by Umbrella Europe's Sixth Laboratory as part of Tyrant research. The Nemesis-T Type (also known as the Pursuer) was created at the laboratory by implanting a NE-α Type parasite, also developed as part of the project, into a Tyrant. This parasite forms a separate brain which supplements that of the Tyrant, and not only leads to a substantial increase in intelligence, but also allows the Tyrant to be externally controlled, resulting in the most highly advanced weapon yet.

Although the Nemesis-T Type is the final boss of the game, it is almost certainly remembered more for the way it growls "S.T.A.R.S." while chasing the player from one location to the next. There have been other talking enemies in the series, such as the Ganados from RE4 and the Majini from RE5, but they always gave the impression of talking like regular humans. Other enemies with a clear intent to hunt the player down include the Scagdead, and Rachael from Resident Evil: Revelations. They can be considered the spiritual successors of the Nemesis-T Type.