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Extra Files

Stinger (T-Virus)
The Stinger is the final B.O.W. form of a scorpion that has undergone incredibly rapid growth due to T-Virus administration. While the virus causes the total body length to grow to around three meters, exoskeleton reinforcement, and pincers hard enough to slice through steel, the characteristic scorpion tail stinger produces no venom, and there is still much room for improvement as a B.O.W. Due to a defect in the carapace, attacking the head reveals the brittleness of the surrounding exoskeleton.

The Stinger makes its appearance on the second-floor drawing room aboard the luxury European-style train Ecliptic Express. The combination of the cramped train carriage and the Stinger's huge size inevitably results in most attacks being directed at its head, and its weak point being exposed. In a way, one might even feel sorry for the Stinger: had the battle taken place in a wider area such as a field, it might have had more of a chance, and it would have provided the player with more of a challenge.