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[Service malfunction]

[Compensation Report] Resident Evil Revelations "Killcount challenge 39" event schedule change Resident Evil Revelations

[2020-09-29 13:45]

Due to a mistake with data accounting, the results for the current event, "Killcount challenge 39" could not be collected. We apologize for this mistake. To correct for this mistake, the event will...

Resident Evil.Net maintenance info for CAPCOM ID Merger Maintenance

[2020-9-24 14:00]

RE NET will be undergoing maintenance for CAPCOM ID Merger according to the schedule below, Resident Evil.Net will be unavailable during this time.   2020/10/1 @ 10:00 (Thu) ~ @ 18:30 (All tim...

[Important] Discontinuation of support for the Wii U version of Resident Evil Revelations. Resident Evil Revelations

[2020-09-24 13:00]

As of Oct 1 2020, Resident Evil Revelations for Wii U pages will no longer be accessible, and RE points you have earned will not be able to be sent to or used for the game. As such, we strongly rec...

[Important] Date of CAPCOM ID (formerly COG ID) and CAPCOM Account merger announced Maintenance

[2020-09-11 11:00]

Thank you for your patronage of Capcom's web service RESIDENT EVIL.NET (RE NET). The Capcom ID merger date has been decided and will take place on Thursday, October 1, 2020. As of this merger, you ...

A brand new series "UNDER THE UMBRELLA"! Maintenance

[2020-08-21 19:00]

A brand new series "UNDER THE UMBRELLA" is available and added a new article "Enter the Survival Horror".    >>UNDER THE UMBRELLA's article "Enter the Survival Horror" is here.

New stage, "NewTown", "NewPark" information added to Resident Evil Resistance! Resident Evil Resistance

[2020-08-06 09:00]

New stage, "NewTown", "NewPark" information is now visible on the Overview, World Records and Profile Cards for Resident Evil Resistance.

Notice: RE6 page and diorama interface update. Maintenance

[2020-07-21 11:45]

We have removed support for Flash from the RE6 title site. All functions, including game statistics and diorama, are still available and have been upgraded to javascript/html versions.

[Compensated] Some of the Xbox 360 RE games that are supported by RE NET experiencing a period where the RE NET services could not be utilized. Maintenance

[2020-07-20 17:45]

[2020-07-20 17:15 (JST)] The following measures have been taken to address this issue. =========================================== Recipients: Players wit...

New Card information added to Resident Evil Resistance's WORLD RECORDS! Resident Evil Resistance

[2020-07-10 9:00]

New Card information added to Resident Evil Resistance's WORLD RECORDS!

MATCH BOARD added to Resident Evil Resistance! Resident Evil Resistance

[2020-06-12 9:00]

Match Board is now available for Resident Evil Resistance!