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Series Discussion

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1Name:Forum Administrator2015-06-16 13:00:00
Series Discussion
3026Name:ironman2020-08-02 02:35:19
I have collected all 20 charlie dolls but it says i have 19-20. All i need is this trophy to platinum. I dont know what to do. Someone please help
3025Name:Sami2020-08-02 00:20:08
please add Resident evil voice at start game of Resident Evil 8 like other Resident Evil series
3024Name:Maxwell2020-08-01 11:47:30
Has anyone encountered this issue on Resistance? Red outline on the screen, can't open doors, no timer. Can't even see the other players names. PS4 version.
3023Name:ALFA-AR-OMEGA2020-07-31 05:28:46
Resident Evil resistance, Greetings.
I ask if they add new master minds and survivors in the following updates?
3022Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-07-31 00:03:17
Has anyone ever VS'd someone called bigcataustralia? Is it just me or does this guy only rely on faster cool down on bioweapon to get his "wins"? He always tends to spawn the bioweapon back very quickly after a couple of minutes and sometimes straight up at area 1. I'll describe that gameplay trashy :P
3021Name:Halejandro2020-07-30 14:53:46
I’m starting to play Resident evil 6 on switch, and I really enjoy it, but I can connect with my resident evil account at here, there is a way I can do that? Or a way to get all the costumes and extra content?
3020Name:Rayfield2020-07-29 02:49:55
Anyone who plays RE Revelations on Steam should be aware that there is an error with Raid Mode levels displaying properly. I contacted RE.NET admins and they admitted the aforementioned issue.
Posting this is because I've seen quite a few Steam players at level 49 when they might actually be level 50. So if your Raid level on your RE.NET profile is not matching your in-game Raid level on Steam, you may have to contact the admins to get it corrected. They will be glad to assist you.
3019Name:Mica2020-07-26 22:54:13
How come molitovs can stagger,. Nemesis can one shot,but Jill cannot stager with her rockets, how come grenades and molitovs are more power, makes the ability. useles please fix
3018Name:Yuuki Konno2020-07-26 13:30:21
So and my team not full team, it was three of us and one randoms, we run into this Valerie psn id Samuel_Jordan_ so I didn’t ge mad but got an annoying of what he did we had to door close so we can be protective for nemesis rocket but he open the door say I want into game chat to ask him why he did that and got mad and caught feelings and threw the game. So just warning everyone he a game thrower. Again his PSN is Samuel_Jordan_
3017Name:Zac2020-07-25 23:55:36
Please reduce cough infection time, it is too much at the moment
3016Name:Ginosac2020-07-25 06:01:48
Hi, I started Resident evil revelations 2 and already struggling with some levels, is somebody ese here playing on nintendo switch yo play with and passing those levels? I want yo unlock all the characters
3015Name:Mica2020-07-24 21:56:23
Why don't we have a choice in cosmetic chests like we do cards chests I never play mastermind yet I spend my time to get their stuff, we need the costmetics chests seperated. who's with me
3014Name:Zac2020-07-20 04:45:09
Infection time loss have to be reduced, nothing else in the game even come close to the amount of time it takes.
3013Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-07-19 18:34:51
Funny how this guy ➡️ Northside_Player always leaves when he comes across a bunch of high level players on RE Resistance. He can only proceed on with the match if everyone's below his MM level or if there is ONLY 1 high level and the rest are complete noobs.

Name: Northside_Player
Platform: PS4.
3012Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-07-19 18:24:02
Why can't flamethrowers go against Alex's bioweapon? It's very stupid how a Molotov can save a person but not a flamethrower? Where's the logic here seriously. Ridiculous. And if you're going to mention balance, IDC
3011Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-07-18 21:35:50
Avoid this player if you're playing on PS4: SpideyGamer02

If you're within the Oceania region and playing on PS4 then it's best to avoid this lagswitcher.
3010Name:Dexskate2020-07-18 02:59:12
I can't play i still waiting for more than 40 min
3009Name:Zac2020-07-17 19:15:53
Infection cough cost -5 seconds each time, with the whole team infection 3, it is -20 seconds every 10 seconds. That is so ridiculous compare to everything else in the game. Please make it more reasonable.
3008Name:ViewtifulWesker2020-07-17 12:09:41
Would it be easier on everyone, dev
team included, if equipment in
Resistance didn't stack? No more
one-bite kills, or impossible to
catch guards. No more invincible
survivors with unlimited grenades.
Just... balance.
3007Name:Yuuki Konno2020-07-17 10:16:46
Hey for anyone playing on PS4 beware of the MM player PSN: WyzonRC he a lag switcher me and my team play him a couple times now ever time we get to area he start to crap out his connection I ended up recording the last time we went up against him today and he did it again. I call him out on it and he ended up amid it that he was using and gloating over it. Just want to warn and PS4 players out there of him. By any chance dose anyone know anyway to report him with the evidence I have?
3005Name:gfan842020-07-15 12:15:55
Hi everyone, I just wanted to know what everyone's favorite character and outfit is in the Resident Evil Series.
For me it's Jill Valentine, Wetsuit RE Revelations.
3004Name:SinderyMonk2020-07-15 10:11:11
Anyone know why the XBX1 version of RE6 online doesn't work? Been trying to get it working for months. Thanks
3003Name:ECWRULZZZ2020-07-15 00:52:44
Tired of seeing resident evil revelations service is not available when trying to do event on revelations 1 Xbox 360 hasn’t connected for days p.s. don’t know where to post this so here it is
3002Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-07-14 23:41:32
Naming a lagswitching player on RE Resistance.

If you ever come across a player within the Oceania region called SpideyGamer02, be very aware. I've versed him as a survivor many times with perfect connection and everytime we hit area 3 he ends up lagswitching right away. This has happened to me more than twice. He's even used his laughing mastermind voiceline.

The devs really should do something about ppl who lagswitch because it's getting really annoying.
3001Name:Dee2020-07-13 06:00:55
Just reached level 50 on resident evil revelations.

Any recommendations on the best weapons and upgrades to use please. I have unlocked weapons of courage.
3000Name:ViewtifulWesker2020-07-12 05:10:22
Hello, Resistance team. Would it be
possible to change January's Malware
ability so it only affects the last
camera she hacked, doesn't waste a
skill card, and doesn't waste bio
energy spent on the wasted card?
Thank you. Stay safe.
2999Name:(no name)2020-07-07 18:48:19
Please reduce time duration and area of effect of immobilising shot.
2998Name:jalovitrue2020-07-05 12:55:35
Hello, I'm playing RE:HD on Steam, and I've 100% the game on Steam, but somehow I'm still missing two achievement here. Can anyone check my overview profile and then just message me on my profile? Greatly appreciated.
2997Name:Dee2020-07-04 23:38:53
Hiya, im looking for help boosting on resident evil revelations.
Im currently level 40 on abyss. Any help would be great! I can help in return on this game or others if needed. Thanks
2996Name:(no name)2020-07-03 18:38:32
Hey developers, this is the current meta right now. Cheap basic infectious zombies that takes a lot of time away but gives only 5 seconds. Quick dissemble of guns and immobilising shots, chips away time with no 20 seconds back. Bioweapons takes away another 1 min even if no one gets down. Don’t you think it’s time to increase the starting time from 5 mins to at least 6 mins, 20 seconds per survivor to next area. It’s getting silly that you can’t get enough time to get to area 3.
2995Name:iSHRz2020-07-03 07:41:25
*DEDICATED SERVERS* MMs using McDonald's wifi how can I play as survivor!
2994Name:MavRik1152020-07-03 01:41:26
Hello there. Im currently trying to attain the "covered in brass" trophy (RE6)on PS4 and for some reason only the campaign medals are being counted which is a huge pain in the ass. Does anyone know of anything similar happening?
2993Name:COOLHERO2020-07-02 13:54:12
Hello there is guide for RE R2 in which parts and upgrading the weapons lvl 100 to complete the events specially the weekend survivor and the invasión of the huge creatures, and someone can help me to complete the next event of weekend survivor for PS3, my ID is BB_COOLHERO_XD if you want to add me.
2992Name:TESTUBE2020-07-02 01:59:51
Hi guys i'm looking for help on Ghost Ship and Mad Banquet on Resident Evil Revelations 1 on the Xbox 360 if anyone could help.I am rank 50 ,maybe i could get a few weapons sent my way as mine are not great.My Gamertag on xbox 360 is TESTUBE BABY 82

2990Name:sSweet2020-06-30 11:58:50
Is Mastermind always the host? Area 3 lag switching is a prooooblem. Add a report feature
2989Name:(no name)2020-06-30 00:21:20
Don’t worry, this game is about to die when the majority of the players average playing time per game is about 3 mins. Lol
2988Name:Str8-DonkeyRat2020-06-29 21:43:47
BAN cheaters that reroll cosmetic chests. It's a known exploit that a lot of people are doing atm. Needs to be patched or removed in the next update and those who've even TRIED it should be banned and whatever item they got from rerolling the cosmetic chest should be removed from their skins inventory. If you devs keep this exploit ongoing then no one would be purchasing RP boosters. It is not fair for players like myself who actually buy boost packs to get what I want from the cosmetic chest.
2987Name:gary2522020-06-29 17:56:06
This game is fck** garbage. Lags all the time and when you disconnect you get a punishment .... Don't waste time for this crap.
2986Name:Jake2020-06-29 10:46:58
I just played a survivor match and a weird thing happened, the zombies were all invisible... Not like camouflage but actually invisible. Like they didnt have a model but they were still there and able to attack. Wondering if anyone else has seen this glitch
2984Name:EV2020-06-23 05:53:09
Please make the special skins for survivors unlockables at a certain rank like the Gold Skins, not in cosmetic chests. This way the RP Boosters are worth buying and using.
2983Name:(no name)2020-06-22 18:16:59
It’s a little too simple to balance the game by just increasing health of zombies or by decreasing damage. It’s better to balance by Area 1, 2 and 3. After the recent update, Area 1 is so though because no good weapons to deal with extra health zombies. Then Area 2 become easier when a stronger weapon is available. It’s not a very good balance in my opinion.
2982Name:Jack Scarface2020-06-22 15:50:39
Tried playing a match against survivors, game crashes unknown reason (other player hacking or game actually crashed). I also like how i get a penalty for it when i restart the game. Great job Capcom. Also, your new patch sucks for masterminds still.
2981Name:(no name)2020-06-21 22:24:19
Every time they try to fix something, they broke something else. Now Daniel is broken with these high hp cheap zombie that bite 15 seconds , can’t be interrupted, can’t be killed in time. Only 5 secs back per kill. And it keeps coming again and again. Even high level players gets low on time and then Mr X spawn, it’s worst on prison map because of biocore locks.
2980Name:Xhakal1972020-06-21 13:18:45

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2979Name:(no name)2020-06-18 18:18:19
The most balanced patch so far. I have returned to the game after hearing balance changes made to Nicholai and infection. It was pretty good to be honest. There is less of a need to be chasing time and objectives all the time and really play the game like it should.
2978Name:nemesis18082020-06-18 13:45:07
Someone help I can’t find the page to buy weapons and custom parts for revelations
2977Name:player00643252020-06-16 20:16:30
That's it, I'm done playing mastermind. I hope the queue times for survivors become <15 min to get into a game. DICE killed BF5, unless the devs fix this Resistance will die too. It won't happen, they are clueless, they BUFFED VALERIE'S MOLOTOV BUILD!
2976Name:player00643252020-06-16 19:15:12
They won't nerf survivors, did you read the changelog for 1.06? Its all buffs for survivors and nerfs for masterminds! Literally, I'm not exaggerating at all!
2975Name:Blasco2020-06-16 19:06:40
Re3 e stata una totale delusione sia per quanto riguarda la durata del gioco che sembra una demo sia per la storia completamente cancellata di scene di gioco fondamentali come la Torre dell'orologio. Non e un remake ma completamente un'altro gioco.
2974Name:player00643252020-06-16 18:55:44
You developers are killing your game.

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