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Derek C. Simmons
Forty-six-year-old presidential aide Derek Simmons is a ruthless perfectionist. From time immemorial, the Simmons household has ruled "The Family," a vast organization who have manipulated the course of history throughout the ages. As their current leader, Derek is charged with continuing their crusade for a stable, unchanging society. Simmons decides to eliminate President Benford in a bioterrorist attack after learning of his plan to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City incident, the disclosure of which would cause a great upheaval in the United States. To this end he makes use of Helena Harper, a weak link in the President's security detail, and unleashes the C-Virus, which was developed in an underground research lab below Tall Oaks. Having considered Simmons a loyal friend for thirty years, Benford had no reason to suspect that he had a connection to The Family. Following the attack, Simmons heads to China where he comes face-to-face with Leon and Helena, and ends up being injected with the C-Virus by a Neo-Umbrella grunt. He undergoes a series of inhuman transformations, revealing more of his innermost desires with each mutation. He agonized over Ada, the one thing he could never have, but ultimately he meets a bitter end at the hands of Leon and Helena.

The C-Virus administered to Simmons was strengthened by Jake's blood and induced centaur, dinosaur, giant fly, and other mutations. Simmons's mutation was different from other C-Virus mutations—he was able to remain conscious after mutating, and he returned to human form after being damaged to a certain extent.