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A large pharmaceutical company founded in 1968 by Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus under the corporate slogan "Preserving the health of the people." Umbrella's true purpose, however, was weapons development. Umbrella was responsible for the creation of a number of viruses such as the T-Virus, which caused the destruction of Raccoon City, the T-Veronica virus, which was created in the Antarctic base, and Dr. Birkin's G-Virus. They also developed a multitude of B.O.W.s. The final nail in Umbrella's coffin was the destruction of the Caucasus laboratory in Russia in 2003. However, even though Umbrella's collapse meant that the root of many disasters had finally been destroyed, it also resulted in dangerous research being scattered across the globe.

Rare artwork of the Umbrella co-founder Dr. James Marcus, used during the development of RE0.