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Extra Files

Leon S. Kennedy
Following the destruction of Raccoon City, both Leon and Sherry were put under the protection of the U.S. government. Leon's incredible survival and combat skills and newly-acquired experience were enough to have him placed as an agent under direct control of the President, although it is believed the government exploited Sherry's safety to essentially blackmail him into accepting the position. Leon raised his profile by completing a number of missions and became one of the most trusted individuals in service, but this wasn't enough to prevent him from being considered a suspect in the President's assassination during the bioterror incident at Tall Oaks in 2013. Undeterred by such suspicions, Leon pushed on in search of the truth.

Since the events in Raccoon City, Leon has fought countless B.O.W.s in missions such as Operation Javier in 2002, and the kidnapping of the president's daughter Ashley Graham in 2006, and he could easily be considered a bone fide veteran by the time of the Harvardville Airport event in 2008, and fearless by the time of the events in RE6.