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Extra Files

Biohazard 6 Tablet Case Cover
In RE6, herbs, a Resident Evil hallmark, are used to make tablets, which are stored in a tablet case. Japan's e-Capcom store offered four different case cover replicas for those who preordered the game, three of which are described below.

Leon version
Leon wore a bomber jacket in RE4 and a DSO (Division of Security Operations) issue leather jacket in RE6. He seems to have a thing for leather, and his tablet case cover reflects that. Made using real leather and emblazoned with the DSO logo, Leon's stylish cover is a symbol of his status as an agent operating directly under the President's orders.

Chris version
This cover features a military design and the BSAA logo in blue and green. It's made from silicone to complement the rugged design of the unit's equipment.

Jake version
As a mercenary, Jake would have required a case that could take some punishment on the battlefield. His case cover is made from heavy brass, features the emblem of the rebel army Jake is employed by, and is distressed to give the impression of heavy use.